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If you're facing challenges that are causing you stress, unhappiness, or you are just unsure of what action to take to fix a problem or set of problems, I’m here to help. Many times, despite our success in business or success with women, we face challenges and obstacles that drain our happiness, leave us unsure of where to go or what to do, rob our productivity and if you run a business, the issues we have can disrupt that too. It could be a problematic girlfriend or wife, or a difficult relationship with a family member or business partner. Maybe we just are dating the wrong kind of women and we just can’t seem to find the right ones? Should I marry the girl or dump her? I am considering marriage, do I need a prenuptial agreement?  

Maybe we are contemplating divorce or actually going through one and are fearful of the life-destroying potential consequences? We worry about our relationships with our children or how to be a better father. As we get older we struggle more and more to stay or get in shape. Sometime our problems are all business related and are stuck in a less than profitable business, not knowing how to improve it or maybe we’re in a difficult legal situation? Or maybe your career is making you unhappy and is unfulfilling.  

I have the real-life experience and expertise to help you resolve these personal and work-life problems and help you find the BIG LIFE you want and deserve. I have helped some well-known people (but I can never tell since everything I do is strictly confidential) so why not let me help you?!


"I’m already thinking differently! It was one of the most enlightening talks I’ve ever had with another person. Matt’s ability to see what’s happening with an individual, their life and their potential possibilities is impressive. The magic isn’t just in what you discuss, time with Matt is a masterclass in how to behave, align your perspective and direct your focus. I noticed that before our session I was stuck in a thought pattern that wasn’t helping me. During our coaching session I noticed that I was thinking on a different, much more positive and engaged level.  Apprehensiveness and doubt were eclipsed by a workable strategy and a winning mindset. At the end of the first coaching session, I quite literally thought to myself, I’ve got this! If you are looking to improve your situation, make some changes, or just have a better plan for success, I highly recommend you spend some time with Matt Sweetwood! It’ll change your life!" -Rob M., Denver, CO

Why should I trust that Matt has the life experience and know-how to help me? 

Dating & Relationships: I have written numerous hit articles on dating and was featured recently in the NY Post on dating in NYC. I have extensive experience in helping men through the process: From where to go, what to say, what to wear and how to determine if she's right for you. I'll be your pro-wingman. Read more HERE.  

Marriage and Divorce: I’ve been married twice and divorced twice. Had one of the most notorious divorces in New Jersey history. I am fully versed on the legal, social, and emotional issues facing men in divorce - including issues related to custody, where men get screwed frequently. I have helped numerous men achieve happiness through the process and several have vowed to name their next born after me because I saved their lives. You don't want to get married or divorced without me by your side. Read more HERE.

Parenting & Fatherhood: I am considered one of the nation’s leading experts on fatherhood and have been on TV and other media as an expert and have written many hit articles on the topic. I have raised my five children into successful adults after their mother left us, over 20 years ago. I can help you improve your relationship with your kids and will share some of parenting secrets I learned that helped my kids turn into successful, kind and successful adults - despite their mother abandoning them when they were little. Read more HERE.

Business: I ran my own $100 million dollar business for over 25 years which I successfully exited two years ago. It was a business in a declining industry requiring me to be inventive, resourceful and extremely cost conscious. I have consulted many businesses to success and I have saying, “Give me 60 minutes and I can make your business more profitable.” I want to help you in your business. I currently write for Entrepreneur and have been featured in many business journals and am considered one of the nation’s leading experts in Personal Branding. Read more HERE.  

Career: In the 25 years I ran my own business I personally hired over 1,000 people and managed my HR department. I speak frequently on using social media to help you find a new job and have guided my 5 children to successful careers. Let’s discuss your career and improve your situation. Watch HERE.

BIG LIFE: Through the trials and tribulations I have been through: 2 difficult divorces, raising 5 kids on my own, running my own challenging business (with difficult business partners), incredible financial and legal stresses, dating, etc…. I have learned how to find self-confidence, happiness, fulfillment and a spiritual force that has lead me to have a BIG LIFE - that’s a life worth living. I promise to help you get there too. Read more HERE

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Get a free 15-minute live consultation with me and be on your way towards getting real-life solutions to your problems and take the first step towards having a BIG LIFE for yourself.  

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