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This photo is of me from 1989 with my second child. I was already miserable and profoundly unhappy inside which may explain why I was emotional eating my way to 300 lbs at 5'10" tall. I was stuck in a bad marriage, had very, very low-self-esteem, was in a relentless job that I didn't like very much and had a spouse that was tormenting me and spending me into financial oblivion - and I didn't have much if any support from friends or family.  

But that was only the beginning for me. The next few years saw me become a father 3 more times and when my wife and mother of our 5 children left us forever, I was a walking disaster area - bankrupt, an epic divorce battle to fight, a legal case which went to the Supreme Court and 5 very young children who completely depended upon me and me alone for their everything. .  

I had spent the first 30 years of my existence, becoming more unhappier each and every day, finally ending up in a spot where I was living a miserable, small life. It was not a life worth living.  

Today I am 53 years young, living a great life in New York City. My five kids are now all grown, graduated from top colleges and have become kind-heated, productive, well-adjusted and successful adults. I am working as the CEO of an exciting startup company, have become a professional speaker, a writer (my book will be out shortly) and I am spending a bunch of my time helping others find a BIG LIFE. And that's what I want to do for you!!!  

By overcoming significant adversity, challenges of epic proportions and finding the deep secrets to happiness and wellness.I have become the BIG LIFE Hacker and I want to give to you the life hacks you'll need to find your way to a BIG LIFE - a life that's happier, more productive and fulfilling, and one you'll love living.  

I am not a life coach with a formula for helping people. I'm not a psychologist interested in collecting big fees week after week. What I am, is someone who can give you real life hacks that you can immediately implement to make your life BETTER and BIGGER.

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